Why I Joined the Beautycounter Movement

Why I Joined the Beautycounter MovementThis girl right here… she is the WHY behind everything I do, including why I joined the Beautycounter movement.

She is the reason I read everything I can get my hands on about adoption, especially the adoptee perspective, so she can grow to be secure in her identity as an adoptee. She is the reason I am doing the hard work of unpacking my own inherent biases because I know we will be confronted with racism and judgment as we raise her. She is the reason I continue to work on my relationship with food, body image, and my self worth so I can raise her to know that her worth does not come from the food she eats or the amount of space she takes up in this world. And she is the reason why I have decided to join the Beautycounter movement as an independent consultant.

Why I Joined the Beautycounter MovementI want to ensure that everything that touches Parker’s skin is safe for her delicate little system. I want to have the flexibility to be present with her and watch her grow, while also earning extra income to give her the life we’ve dreamed of for her. I want to set an example for her that she doesn’t have to play small, and to show her what women can do when they come together instead of tear each other down. And I want her to live in a country where everyone, no matter their income, can have access to products that are free of harmful chemicals. Beautycounter is helping make all of these dreams a reality.

If you’re curious about the products or joining the mission, send me a message or schedule a call with me! And you can always shop with me for safer skincare and high performance cosmetics without the harmful chemicals found in conventional makeup.

In vibrant health,

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