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25 Real Food Recipes to Feed Your Face during the Super Bowl (GO HAWKS!!!!)

25 real food recipes to feed your face during the Super Bowl | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #glutenfree #paleoWhether or not your team is playing in the Super Bowl this year (if you couldn’t tell from the title, mine is!) I’m sure you are excited to eat all the yummy things this coming Sunday. I know I am. But instead of loading up on beer, chips, pizza and chicken wings, I’m going to stuff my face with all sorts of real food. You know, the kind that tastes awesome but doesn’t make you feel like ass the next day. I may indulge in a few adult beverages though, and since I’m seriously the lightest of light weights I suppose there still is the potential for feeling like ass. I suppose that will depend on how well my Seahawks are doing. But I’m going to try to avoid it!

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