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Balsamic Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Candied Walnuts

Balsamic Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Candied Walnuts| www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #paleo #glutenfree

My dad is a pretty picky eater. He loves his pepsi and his OJ, his frozen blueberry waffles and his Mexican food. He’s almost 60 years old and is a bit set in his ways. So it’s been kind of fun for me to sneak in some healthier dinners for him. Last night I tried sneaking this salad in and it didn’t go too well… He said he didn’t like the lettuce because it tasted like dirt. My mom and I explained to him that it was arugula and that he has had arugula before and liked it. I told him it was likely the beets that he was tasting because they have an earthy flavor, although I definitely wouldn’t say that they taste like dirt. Continue reading

Cranberry and Pepita Chicken Salad

Cranberry and Pepita Chicken Salad | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #paleo #grainfree

I feel like I’ve been a little MIA recently. Probably because I’ve spent the last few weeks with my brain fully engrossed in the land of Rosewood, PA where everyone is beautiful and a liar and you have to watch your back constantly, AKA watching far too much Pretty Little Liars. The good news is I’m all caught up now and OMG we are FINALLY going to find out who “A” is on Tuesday! I’m freaking out guys! I’m not even going to try to speculate at who “A” is because, knowing this show, I’ll be totally wrong. And I swear this better actually be the real deal “A” reveal and not another “it’s A except really they’re just working for A or they’re just another psycho with no relation to A” type of thing. Because I’m tired of that. Got that, Marlene King?!?!

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Real Food Deviled Egg Potato Salad: made from scratch without the crap

Deviled Egg Potato Salad made from scratch with real food ingredients  | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #paleo #glutenfree

How is it already the middle of May? Pretty soon it’s going to be full blown summer, which around here means 100+ degree days that make me never want to leave the comfort of my air conditioned house. So all the grilling and other outdoor eating activities that people in a good part of the country can enjoy all summer, we get to enjoy in May and maybe a little of June. Because who wants to stand in front of a grill when it’s 110 degrees out? Not me! So last week we decided it was time to smoke some ribs. My husband obviously handled this part since he’s the grilmaster around here, and I handled the sides. Being a huge potato salad fan, my husband always wants it whenever we make ribs. And who could blame him? Potato salad and ribs go together like Marshall and Lily (pardon the HIMYM reference but we’ve been watching it a bunch lately thanks to Netflix so it’s on the brain). Well, we also had a bunch of pastured eggs that needed to be used up so I suggested we make deviled eggs, which he also loves. And then the hubs had the best idea he’s had in a while…deviled egg potato salad! I knew it would be a little work- potato salad always is- but I also knew it would be worth it. Hello, it’s deviled eggs mixed with potato salad! And it did not disappoint!

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My Life Lately and a recipe for Paleo Friendly Potato Salad

Paleo Friendly Potato Salad | Vibrant Life Army Wife

I’m gonna ramble a little here so if all you want is the recipe, feel free to just scroll down to the bottom. I’ve taken the last few weeks off of blogging; well not really because I still posted stuff, but I haven’t actually written a blog post in a few weeks (they were all scheduled beforehand) minus Friday’s post. I did this so that when my husband came home from his deployment I could just focus on spending time with him and not have to worry about making/photographing/writing up recipes. And then we went on vacation where I had zero internet or phone service (which was actually kind of awesome). So now that I’m all out of previously scheduled posts I’m sitting here like “what the heck do I write about?” So I hope you don’t mind the word vomit (Mean Girls, anyone?), but I’m just gonna write about what’s been going on in my neck of the woods lately. Cool? Cool!

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