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Ginger-Berry Zinger Smoothie

Ginger-Berry Zinger Smoothie | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com

In the past, whenever I would get stressed or sad or overcome with essentially any sort of emotion, my inclination was to eat. So it was a totally foreign feeling for me when I completely lost my appetite after the loss of our child. Continue reading

Date Shake

This Date Shake recipe has just 5 ingredients and makes the most delicious paleo, gluten free, and dairy free treat! | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com

A friend of mine and I like to hang out a local shopping center, shop for photography props and funky snacks at World Market, browse cute clothes at a little boutique, and check out the gear at REI. Typically during our shopping extravaganzas we start to get a little hungry so we will stop by this little juice and smoothie shop.  Continue reading

Cranberry and Pepita Chicken Salad

Cranberry and Pepita Chicken Salad | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #paleo #grainfree

I feel like I’ve been a little MIA recently. Probably because I’ve spent the last few weeks with my brain fully engrossed in the land of Rosewood, PA where everyone is beautiful and a liar and you have to watch your back constantly, AKA watching far too much Pretty Little Liars. The good news is I’m all caught up now and OMG we are FINALLY going to find out who “A” is on Tuesday! I’m freaking out guys! I’m not even going to try to speculate at who “A” is because, knowing this show, I’ll be totally wrong. And I swear this better actually be the real deal “A” reveal and not another “it’s A except really they’re just working for A or they’re just another psycho with no relation to A” type of thing. Because I’m tired of that. Got that, Marlene King?!?!

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21 Day Sugar Detox Banana Cinnamon Coconut Butter Cups

Banana Cinnamon Coconut Butter Cups make the perfect not-sweet-treat for the 21-Day Sugar Detox | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #21dsd #paleo #gluten free

Happy last day of the 21-Day Sugar Detox!!!! I don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty good. No more sugar cravings over here! I mean, I wouldn’t turn down a ooey gooey cinnamon roll (grain free of course), but I’m not going to go seeking one out either. So I call that a win! Plus, after a week and a half of some serious bloating and digestive discomfort, I am finally feeling bloat free! For those of you who get my email newsletter you know just how bad that bloating was and so I’m sure you can understand my relief.

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