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Creamy Chai Rooibos Latte: how I’m dealing with not having Picnik in my life anymore

Curing my cravings for Picnik Austin with this delicious, caffeine free, nutrient packed Creamy Rooibos Chai Latte | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com

I am loving living in Orange County again. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my husband like crazy. But having the sunny warm weather, the beach just a few miles away, and any health food store I could possibly want within easy driving distance certainly does not suck. However, there is one thing that Texas (well, Austin) has that Huntington Beach does not, and that’s Picnik. Continue reading

Creamy Kohlrabi Soup with Caramelized Cabbage and Bacon

Creamy Kohlrabi Soup with Caramelized Cabbage and Bacon, a healthier alternative to your favorite potato soup. | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #paleo #glutenfree

So I’m sitting in the LAX airport right now, AKA the worst airport in the world, waiting to board my flight home after spending the week in Southern California. I’ve got 8% battery on my laptop, I can’t find an outlet that actually works to charge it, and my plane starts boarding in about 20 minutes so I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I know, that’s so not like me 😉  Continue reading

Southern Style Braised Collard Greens

There is no tastier way to eat your greens than with these Southern Style Braised Collard Greens | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #paleo #glutenfreeEven though a large part of my family lives in the south, being from California myself I never really tried real southern food until we were stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia a few years ago. I had never tried black eyed peas, okra, or even collard greens before. I was too busy eating cheese strips by the Huntington Beach pier and other foods from my childhood. Continue reading

Creamy Parsnip Kale Soup

It may still be summer but nothing beats this Creamy Parsnip and Kale Soup. It's a great way to sneak in deeply nourishing bone broth and leafy greens. | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #paleo #glutenfree #AIP

You’re probably looking at this and thinking “seriously, Kiersten? Don’t you know it’s August and about a million degrees outside?” Well yes, I realize it’s hot out. I do live in Texas. But I also realize that soup is one of the easiest meals to make, it’s all made in one pot (meaning less dishes to clean), and it’s the best way to sneak in some amazing nutrition in the form of homemade bone broth and leafy green veggies.

Continue reading