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Oil Cleansing {Beyond Food Fridays}

Beyond Food Fridays
Welcome to Beyond Food Fridays where I share my thoughts on non-food topics such as skin & hair care, body image, and other fun tips and tricks for how to be healthy and vibrant inside and out!

Oil Cleansing {Beyond Food Fridays} | Vibrant Life Army Wife


Last week on Beyond Food Friday we talked about how I wash my hair. Today we are talking about how I wash my face!

From the title of this post you have probably already figured out that I wash my face with oil. If you’ve never come across the research on oil cleansing before you may be like “WHAT?!?!” and I wouldn’t blame you. When I first heard of this method I remember thinking that it seemed crazy to wash my face with the very thing that was causing my skin issues. But that’s exactly why it works (well part of why it works). The oil cleansing method is based on the principle that “like dissolves like” so basically the oil you use to cleanse your skin will dissolve the oil clogged in your pores. But beyond that, oil cleansing provides your skin with incredible nourishment that goes far beyond clearing out your pores.

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