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Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies for Two {paleo, nut free}

Need a sweet treat but don't want a full batch of cookies calling your name? Try these Paleo and Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies for Two | www.vibrantlifarmywife.com #nutfree #paleo #grainfree

So I’m sitting around the house last Sunday, watching movies and having a little pity party because my husband left that morning for a training exercise, and I wanted nothing more than to eat my feelings in the form of chocolate chip cookies. Hey, I may eat healthy food, but that doesn’t mean I always have the healthiest mind set around food… I’m working on that part 😉

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21 Day Sugar Detox Apple Cinnamon Macaroons [nut free & paleo]

21 Day Sugar Detox friendly Apple Cinnamon Macaroons made with homemade green applesauce | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #21dsd #paleo #glutenfree

As you know if you’ve been keeping up with the blog lately or following me on instagram, I’m on week 2 of my 21-Day Sugar Detox. And you’ll also know that no matter what protocol I am following I like my healthy treats and don’t like feeling deprived.

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AIP “Chocolate” & Peppermint No Bake Macaroons

Delicious and easy no bake Chocolate and Peppermint Macaroons, can be made with carob powder for AIP | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #glutenfree #grainfree #dairyfree #refinedsugarfree

It is December 16th and I have yet to bake any cookies this holiday season. Sure I’ve made homemade white chocolate and some peppermint bark but that doesn’t count because they aren’t cookies. I set out to fix this predicament this past weekend, except once I got done making these cookies I realized that I hadn’t actually “baked” anything still since these are no bake cookies. Oh well!

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Pumpkin All the Things: Recipe Roundup

Over 30 #realfood #paleo pumpkin recipes to round out the month of Pumpkin All the Things | Vibrant Life Army WifeIn case you weren’t aware… I deemed October the month of Pumpkin All the Things! All month I’ve been posting recipes that include my beloved pumpkin. But obviously I’m not the only one out there with some delicious pumpkin recipes.

So in honor of Halloween and the month of Pumpkin All the Things, here is a roundup of all my favorite real food (gluten free, grain free, dairy free) pumpkin recipes….

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