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Am I a Mom?

Am I a Mom? | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #miscarriage #angelbaby #MothersDay

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday I’ve found myself wondering “Am I a mom?”

When you find out you’re going to have a baby, people will say “you’re going to be parents,” implying, even if they don’t intend to, that you’re not yet a parent while the baby is still inside of you. But while I was pregnant I made plans for our baby, I made sacrifices for our baby, I made decisions based on what was best for our baby, and I loved our baby. And when I was in the hospital delivering him, I had to sign paperwork to release him to the hospital after he was born. The nurse told me to sign where it said “mother.” And I know I never held my baby, or changed his diaper, or watched him go off to school, but he is my child and I love him, and I feel the pain of losing him every single day. That all certainly sounds like mom behavior to me. So the question still stands…. Am I, without any children on this side of heaven, a mom? Continue reading