The first ever Military Spouse Wellness Summit

msws_header2Hey guys! For all my fellow military spouses out there, I’m super excited to announce that and the Army Wife Network have put together the first ever Military Spouse Wellness Summit and its totally free!!! All week long (October 19-23) you’ll hear about how to manage your finances, build mental and physical health, build healthy relationships, and how to get and stay healthy.

And little ol’ me is one of the “experts” you’ll be hearing from! I’m talking about how to start cleaning up your diet without losing your sanity in the process. You can listen to my talk on Day 3 of the event and I’ll be on the event Facebook page answering all your questions!

If you’re a military spouse and you want to invest in your own personal wellness, you can register for the event here. By pre-registering you will automatically receive a free one-year membership to Thrive Market (a site I personally use and love) and a 1-week free healthy coaching from F.A.T. You’ll also be entered to win┬áthe giveaways. Who doesn’t like free stuff right?

In vibrant health,