Introducing Parker Bree

baby Parker Bree in NICU with letterboard sign

We would like to introduce you to our daughter, Parker Bree Peterson, born February 18, 2019. She has a long stay in the NICU ahead of her, but she is doing very well. She’s so strong, just like her first mama.

In addition to praying for our baby girl to continue growing and developing the way she needs to, would you also be praying for her birth mom with us? We know that our full arms mean her‘s are empty, and that our joy in bringing this sweet girl into our family is built on the loss of the relationship she might have had with her first mom. This is not something we take lightly. Being Parker’s parents is the most incredible gift and our greatest privilege and we want to always honor and remember the amazing woman that chose us to receive this gift.⠀

One day I may share the many little details God has been weaving together to bring us here, but for now I’m treasuring these things in my heart, a heart that feels like it could explode with love at any minute.

In vibrant health,

signature with flowers