Homemade White Chocolate

Homemade White Chocolate made with real food ingredients | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #glutenfree #grainfree #paleo
I know white chocolate isn’t technically chocolate because it doesn’t actually contain chocolate, but it’s stinkin’ delicious if you ask me. I’ll take a piece of good quality dark chocolate over basically anything else any day, but before my taste buds got a little more refined white chocolate used to be my absolute favorite. It’s also my not-so-refined-taste-buds-having husband’s favorite. You know those Hershey’s cookies and cream chocolate bars with the white chocolate and the cookie pieces? Ya, my husband loves those. And white chocolate mochas from Starbucks? Yep, he loves those too. He’s super healthy, I know.
Homemade White Chocolate made with real food ingredients | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #glutenfree #grainfree #paleo

Obviously white chocolate in any form is not ever going to be a super healthful food, but I wanted to make something that would at least be a better alternative for my white chocolate loving husband.┬áMost white chocolate chips contain some less than ideal ingredients like partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, soy lecithin, and nonfat milk powder. Milk powder is used to give the white chocolate that creamy texture, but since I prefer to avoid dairy (especially crappy dairy) regular ol’ milk powder wasn’t going to cut it. Other non dairy white chocolate recipes I’ve seen use soy milk powder or coconut milk powder, but I don’t do soy either and all the coconut milk powder I found contained some sketchy looking additives.
Homemade White Chocolate made with real food ingredients | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #glutenfree #grainfree #paleo

Then I had this genius idea to use colostrum since that’s kinda dry milk powder. Yes colostrum, like the stuff that’s produced just prior to and immediately after pregnancy. I’ve been taking colostrum for a couple of months now to help heal my gut (see here and here for more info on how colostrum can help heal the gut lining) so I already had it on hand. Since it is being heated slightly I’m not sure you will be getting all the healing benefits of the colostrum in the white chocolate (I have not been able to find anything that definitely says heating it damages the healing properties), but at the very least you’re not getting dairy or garbage additives so that’s a plus. And it’s the key to the creamy texture! I know it ain’t cheap but if you’re already taking it for a leaky gut (or you want to start) just save a bit and make this chocolate!
Homemade White Chocolate made with real food ingredients | www.vibrantlifearmywife.com #glutenfree #grainfree #paleo

Homemade White Chocolate
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  1. Fill a small pot with about 2 inches water and bring to a boil
  2. Place cocoa butter in a glass bowl and place over pot to melt
  3. When cocoa butter is melted, add powdered sugar.
  4. Pour into liquid measuring cup and blend with immersion blender to combine
  5. Split vanilla bean and scrape the insides into the measuring cup
  6. Add vanilla extract and blend again until combined
  7. Pour into an 8x8 baking dish lined with parchment paper or chocolate mold
  8. Place in refrigerator to set (about 30 minutes)

Note: If you have a food scale, I recommend you weigh the cocoa butter. It will be way more accurate and will yield more accurate results.

White chocolate is a treat, but when it contains real food ingredients and healing foods like colostrum, I can feel good about feeding it to my husband. (And myself because you know I can’t pass this stuff up!)

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