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My New eBook, Butter Your Broth, is here!!!!

Butter Your Broth Cover 200x297

I am super excited to announce that I wrote my first eBook and it’s all about one of my favorite nutrient dense, healing foods: bone broth!

Bone broth seems to be getting some much deserved publicity as of late and I wanted to provide a resource for people new (or not) to consuming bone broth that will help them to enjoy this awesome food.

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2014 Recap and Recipe Round Up

A recap of 2014 and a roundup of the most popular recipes of the year |

As we count down the final hours of the year 2014, I sit here on my computer (as opposed to at a party because I’m a lame old lady like that) thinking back on all that has occurred over the course of this year….

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Traveling on a Real Food Diet

Tips for traveling on a Real Food diet |

The holidays can mean a lot of things: time spent with loved ones, beautiful decorations, indulging in delicious food. For some people the holidays also mean lots of traveling. And traveling, whether by plane, train, or automobile, can be incredibly stressful when you eat a real food diet, especially when you also have allergies. And no one wants to spend hours in the kitchen prepping food to take on their trip when they also have to pack, take the dogs to the kennel, run last minute errands, etc. Worrying about what you are going to eat doesn’t have to add an extra layer of stress on top of all the other things you have to do before your trip.

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21 Day Sugar Detox Recap

21 Day Sugar Detox Recap | Vibrant Life Army Wife #21DSD

As many of you know I just completed the 21 Day Sugar Detox this past Sunday. Now, I’m not going to lie to you. This was my third time attempting this program but only the first time I actually finished. Now that’s not to say I was 100% perfect (I may have had a 1 or 2 french fries when my husband and I went to In-n-Out), but I did my best and completed all 21 days.

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