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25 Real Food Super Bowl Recipes

25 delicious real food recipes for Super Bowl Sunday that won't leave you feeling like crap by halftime! | #paleo #glutenfree
For the last few years, my husband and I spent the Super Bowl with friends, watching football, drinking booze, and munching on all the delicious finger foods. But this year things are a bit different. My husband is overseas and won’t even get to watch the Super Bowl. (What a travesty, right!?!?!) And I’m in California with my family, who has a totally different way of celebrating Super Bowl Sunday. They go skiing! Most weekends ski resorts are packed this time of year, but on this particular Sunday, most people are hanging out in sports bars or at friends’ houses basking in the glorious game that is football, leaving the local mountains relatively empty. Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! |

My husband and I (and the puppies!) are enjoying this wonderful Christmas season with our families in Washington state, decorating Christmas cookies, watching football, and eating all the delicious food. But I still wanted to drop in here real quick and wish all of you a very merry Christmas from my family to yours! Continue reading

Cinnamon Cider Bomb and Other Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes

50 Real Food Thanksgiving Recipes plus a recipe for a Cinnamon Cider Bomb Cocktail | #paleo #glutenfree

I’m so excited for Thanksgiving this year! Okay, I get excited for Thanksgiving every year, even the year that we moved to Texas literally on Thanksgiving day (thank you for that US Army). We may not be spending this Thanksgiving with family, but my good friend Charissa of No Cook Paleo fame is coming up from Austin with her pup to help us eat ALL the food. We’re going to be watching football, drinking our favorite hard cider (in the form of the Cinnamon Cider Bomb recipe at the end of this post), and stuffing our faces with smoked turkey and pumpkin pie! It’s going to be great.  Continue reading

Happy Halloween! And a Pumpkin Recipe Roundup!

Celebrate Fall with delicious gluten free and paleo pumpkin recipes! | www.vibrantlifearmywife.comLast year I deemed October the month of Pumpkin All the Things! I made a bunch of different recipes, sweet and savory, and indulged in all the pumpkin goodness all month long. It was glorious! The problem was, I think I wore myself out on pumpkin. It’s now the end of October, and beyond adding a little pumpkin pie spice to a few protein shakes I have had zero pumpkiny foods this fall. Seriously, none! It’s not that a little pumpkin bread or a pumpkin spice latte doesn’t sound appetizing. It’s just that it doesn’t appeal to me enough to go through the effort of making it. Which, let’s be honest, is probably a good thing.

I’m not counting on that lasting too long though. I’m sure I’ll be craving all things pumpkin here sooner or later. And you can bet your ass I’ll be making my favorite paleo and AIP friendly pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! It’s suuuuuper good. Dang, now I want pumpkin pie. Maybe I’ll have to go make one of these pumpkin recipes after all to tide me over. It is Halloween after all.

So in honor of Halloween (and the fact that it’s finally cooling off here in Central Texas), here is a pumpkin recipe roundup with all my favorite real food (gluten free, grain free, dairy free) pumpkin recipes….

Continue reading