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Sweet and Spicy Refrigerator Pickles

These refined sugar free Sweet and Spicy Refrigerator pickles are so easy to make and will turn even the most adamant pickle hater into a pickle lover. | #paleo #glutenfree

When I was a kid, I HATED pickles. Like seriously hated them. I hated them so much I would gag if a little piece of pickle made it’s way onto my sandwich. I hated them so much that I would cringe when walking by someone at Disneyland with one of those giant pickles. I hated them so much that even the idea of a pickle made me want to barf. Continue reading

Beet Chips with Garlic Aioli

Skip the potato chips and make these homemade Beet Chips with Garlic Aioli instead! | #paleo #glutenfree #realfood

Happy New Year everyone!!!!  2016 is going to be a crazy year for me. Like SUPER crazy… we can talk more about that later though.  Continue reading

Homemade Sweet Pepper Relish

No tastier way to use up those bell peppers from your garden or CSA than with this Sweet Pepper Relish | #glutenfree

I’ve been receiving a handful of assorted sweet peppers in my CSA basket the past few weeks. Not your typical large solid red, green, yellow, or orange bell peppers, but small, oddly shaped, multicolored peppers almost too pretty to eat. But of course I wasn’t going to let them go to waste, no matter how pretty they were. I just had to figure out how. I contemplated simply chopping them and freezing them for future use, but knowing myself I knew they’d likely sit in the freezer, completely forgotten until I randomly stumbled upon them while rifling through the freezer months later and decide I would never use them and throw them away. So freezing obviously wasn’t a good option.

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Cranberry Sauce {paleo, AIP}

Classic Cranberry Sauce recipe sweetened with orange juice and maple syrup | #paleo #glutenfree #thanksgiving

As promised, I am back today with another recipe for your real food Thanksgiving feast. I know this might sound weird but cranberry sauce is my absolute favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner. Well besides pumpkin pie obviously. But that’s dessert so it doesn’t count. At least in this case. I literally can’t take a bit of turkey unless it’s drowned in cranberry sauce. And my stuffing has to have cranberry sauce on it too. Unless it has dried cranberries in it. Then it’s usually fine without it.

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