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One Third of an Adoption Story

Exactly one year after meeting our daughter, I finally sat down and wrote my part of her adoption story. There were things we couldn’t share as they were happening and things I needed time and space to process before I could put words to them. But the anniversary of Parker joining our family seemed like the perfect time to finally share.

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The Best Baby Formula Options and what we fed our daughter

What to feed our babies is a controversial topic… there’s the whole breast is best versus fed is best debate, and within each of those topics there’s debate over which bottles to use, diet for mom when breastfeeding, and of course which formula is best. I’m just here to talk about that last one: what is the best baby formula?

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Support our Adoption | Help Us Bring Baby Peterson Home

smiling couple in warrior t-shirt

Adoption is expensive….like, incredibly so (the average is about $40,000, but it can exceed $50,000). But we refuse to let the high cost scare us away from following God’s plan for our family. So we’re humbly asking for your support and trusting that God will provide!

In order to raise money to fund our adoption, and relieve some of the financial pressure so we can love the expectant mother and her baby that we get matched with well, we’re selling these T-shirts that my wonderfully talented friend designed for us.

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