My New eBook, Butter Your Broth, is here!!!!

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I am super excited to announce that I wrote my first eBook and it’s all about one of my favorite nutrient dense, healing foods: bone broth!

Bone broth seems to be getting some much deserved publicity as of late and I wanted to provide a resource for people new (or not) to consuming bone broth that will help them to enjoy this awesome food.

In Butter Your Broth I provide instructions for three super simple methods of making bone broth as well as ten brand new recipes for what I like to call “bulletproof bone broth” or “butter broth.” As much as I love butter coffee (or bulletproof coffee or whatever you want to call it), coffee and I just don’t get along too well and I’m sure I’m not the only one with this predicament. For me, buttering my broth has been a perfect replacement for coffee and provides that delicious warm beverage I crave in the morning, but with the added bonus of being incredibly healing.

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So if you are interested in all the wonderful benefits bone broth has to offer, or you’d like to start consuming it but you’re not excited about the idea of drinking a mug of it, grab a copy of my eBook! Butter Your Broth will provide you with everything you need to turn that mug of broth into an even more nutritious drink that is so delicious, you’ll start to crave it!

For more information and to find out how to get the book for 15% off the regular price, head over here. Or to buy now, click here to purchase.

I hope you find this new resource helpful in your journey to optimal health!

In vibrant health,


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2 thoughts on “My New eBook, Butter Your Broth, is here!!!!

  1. Judy

    Hi Kirsten. I purchased your ebook last night via PayPal, while my paypal account does show the purchase went through, I’m not sure how to access the book. Any help will be appreciated.

    1. Kiersten Post author

      Hey Judy! Thanks for purchasing my book! You should have received a confirmation email with a link to download it. If you haven’t received that email, send me an email (kiersten at vibrantlifearmywife dot com) and I’ll send you a copy 🙂

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