The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle: the best autoimmune disease resource out there ever… seriously!

When I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis almost exactly a year ago now, I felt totally lost. I thought I was doing everything right, eating all the healthy, whole, paleo-friendly foods and exercising regularly. But despite all of that, my body was attacking itself and that was a really scary thought. I felt like I had zero control over what was going on in my body and I didn’t know what to do.

What I needed was some sort of resource that would not only tell me what to do- what to eat, what not to eat, etc.- but also explain to me what was going on in my body and how these diet and lifestyle modifications would help to halt the damage incurred by my condition. The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne was this resource for me. It gave me all the info I needed and more and helped me regain the control I lost when I got my diagnosis. But it’s not exactly portable (if you’ve seen the book, you know what I mean). And there is only so much info you can fit into one book, even a textbook sized book like The Paleo Approach.

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This is where the Autoimmune Wellness Bundle comes in… It is everything I needed and more when I was first diagnosed with my autoimmune condition a year ago. But that doesn’t mean it won’t help me out now because I know it will! Autoimmunity is a BITCH and the more you know, and the more amazing resources you have at your disposal, the better!

Autoimmune Wellness Bundle Download Now

The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle features 45 eBooks and 26 discount codes for just $39. That is over 92% off what you would pay if you bought each eBook separately! And that doesn’t even include the money you’ll save with all those amazing coupons!

What you get when you purchase this bundle:

  • 15 AIP Cookbooks and Meal Plans (total value $188)
  • 15 Lifestyle and Exercise Guides (total value $207)
  • 15 Beyond the Basics e-books (total value $136)
  • 9 Brand-new e-books
  • Best of AIP Cookbook, exclusive to this bundle!
  • 26 Discount Codes for AIP-friendly vendors and products

Autoimmune Wellness Bundle Download Now
Butter Your Broth Autoimmune Wellness Bundle

Also, I should mention that my eBook, Butter Your Broth, is included in this bundle. Except it’s not the same Butter Your Broth that you’ve already seen… I created a special autoimmune friendly version that includes only strict AIP recipes. I also created three BRAND NEW RECIPES that can only be found in the autoimmune protocol edition of the eBook. And the autoimmune protocol edition of Butter Your Broth is available EXCLUSIVELY as part of the Autoimmune Wellness Bundle! That’s right, you can’t get it anywhere else!
Autoimmune Wellness Bundle

I also contributed several recipes to the Best of the Autoimmune Protocol eBook, including my delicious AIP Pumpkin Waffles! This eBook was created exclusively for this bundle, and with contributions from more than 30 leading Paleo and AIP bloggers and authors (apparently that’s me!), this cookbook includes the best of the best 100% AIP recipes! This 193-page e-book includes: a summary of the autoimmune protocol, and over 160 Best Of recipes, all 100% strict AIP!


As if all that wasn’t enough, if you buy it right now you are automatically entered to win a new giveaway EVERY SINGLE DAY remaining in this sale! That’s six amazing giveaways that you’ll be entered in if you buy the bundle right now, each with amazing prizes including two chances to win a Kindle Fire HD and the grand prize of an All-Expense Paid Trip for Two to Paleo F(x) 2016 worth $2600!

Autoimmune Wellness Bundle Giveaways

Every giveaway is international and no restrictions apply! Yes, you can enter this giveaway from anywhere in the world! And the prizes will be shipped anywhere!

Whether you’re newly diagnosed with an autoimmune condition or you’ve been an AIP rockstar for years, I truly believe you could benefit from this bundle. It includes everything from the science to the food to all the lifestyle factors, which for me have been even more important than the food (it just took me until a few months to figure this out).

If you’re ready to regain control of your health and help your body to heal itself, then you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. It’s only available for SIX days! So get it now while you can! The sale ends on Monday, May 25th.

Autoimmune Wellness Bundle Download Now

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