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We’re Adopting

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I am so excited to share the news that we are adopting. My husband and I are both terrible at keeping secrets, but we are also feeling like God is calling us to be transparent with this next step in our journey to grow our family, just as we have been through our miscarriages. Continue reading

It was a Girl and Her Name is Faith | The Story of our Fourth Miscarriage

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After our third miscarriage, I made a sweeping declaration that there was no way we’d be trying to get pregnant anytime soon. It was too hard and I couldn’t do it. But, God had another plan for us. I heard Him telling me to try again; I felt Him changing my heart and my mind, opening me up to the possibility of being pregnant again. And on August 8, 2018,┬áthat possibility became the reality when we saw our fourth positive pregnancy test.

Continue reading

Cilantro-Lime Turkey Burgers from Coconuts & Kettlebells

Cilantro Lime Turkey Burgers from the Coconuts and Kettlebells Cookbook |

We live a ways off post at our current duty station so my husband has about a 40 minute drive home after work every night. And since he’s not good at being by himself, he feels the need to call me on his way home so he doesn’t get bored. Gosh, I love that man. Continue reading

The Third Time was not the Charm | The story of our third miscarriage

This is the story of our third miscarriage, our Little Bean whom we love dearly | Vibrant Life Army Wife

As I sit here thinking about our third baby, our baby we lovingly referred to as Little Bean during those joy-filled weeks of believing this would be our rainbow baby, I figured it was time to share their story. So here it is, the story of our third miscarriage, exactly one month after our baby left my body… Continue reading