Am I a Mom?

Am I a Mom? | #miscarriage #angelbaby #MothersDay

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday I’ve found myself wondering “Am I a mom?”

When you find out you’re going to have a baby, people will say “you’re going to be parents,” implying, even if they don’t intend to, that you’re not yet a parent while the baby is still inside of you. But while I was pregnant I made plans for our baby, I made sacrifices for our baby, I made decisions based on what was best for our baby, and I loved our baby. And when I was in the hospital delivering him, I had to sign paperwork to release him to the hospital after he was born. The nurse told me to sign where it said “mother.” And I know I never held my baby, or changed his diaper, or watched him go off to school, but he is my child and I love him, and I feel the pain of losing him every single day. That all certainly sounds like mom behavior to me. So the question still stands…. Am I, without any children on this side of heaven, a mom?

Liz of Liz Marie Blog, who I greatly respect for her strength and honesty in sharing her story (and who was part of the inspiration for me to share mine) wrote a wonderful post about this very topic last Mother’s Day. So instead of sharing more of my thoughts on the topic, I wanted to share her post. Hopefully those of you with babies in heaven will find it as comforting as I did. But I should warn you that it will probably make you cry… I definitely did.

And I’m going to say this now because I plan to avoid all the internets on Mother’s Day… Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the moms out there. To those with babies on this earth, those with babies in heaven, those who want so desperately to be a mom but haven’t been able to conceive, those with babies growing inside of them, those with babies from your own womb, and those from someone else’s. Oh and puppy moms too! Have a wonderful day, and know that no matter where you are at in your mothering journey, you are not alone and you are loved.

In vibrant (but so very sad right now) health,

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