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Adoption is expensive….like, incredibly so (the average is about $40,000, but it can exceed $50,000). But we refuse to let the high cost scare us away from following God’s plan for our family. So we’re humbly asking for your support and trusting that God will provide!

In order to raise money to fund our adoption, and relieve some of the financial pressure so we can love the expectant mother and her baby that we get matched with well, we’re selling these T-shirts that my wonderfully talented friend designed for us.

About the Design

The flowers illustrate how beautiful things can grow from brokenness- from the mess and dirt in life. Not only does this perfectly embody our own journey of coming to adoption from the brokenness of recurrent pregnancy loss, but it also epitomizes adoption as a whole. Yes, adoption is a beautiful, redemptive thing, but it comes from pain and loss- the broken relationship between a child and their birth family. For those of you who don’t know already, the triangle is the adoption triad – the symbol that represents the three parties involved in adoption. And the word warrior…. well, that’s a long story.

two people holding hands on dirt pathWhen I started thinking about the word or phrase that represents our journey, what came to mind was the word “warrior.” When we lost our first baby and I shared his story, someone commented on that post calling me a warrior. There was something about that word that made me feel strong in a time when I felt so weak-  like I had failed as a mother because I couldn’t keep my baby alive. And over the course of losing three more babies, I have only come to realize more and more the strength it takes to go through miscarriage. It takes a warrior to carry a baby in your womb for any amount of time and then have to say goodbye to that baby. But those of us who have walked through miscarriages are not the only warriors. The people who come alongside us in our grief to support us are warriors. The couples who long for a child, but have to endure negative pregnancy tests month after month are warriors. The parents bringing little ones into this world and raising them to be good humans are warriors. The parents raising children that don’t share their DNA, and honoring those children’s birth families in the process, are warriors. The children who gracefully balance the terrible loss of their first family with deep love for their adopted family are warriorsAnd in my heart I believe birth mothers are warriors, even though I know they may not feel like it at the time, just as I didn’t immediately after our losses. To bravely and selflessly place your child in the arms of another family in order to give them their best chance… now that’s a warrior.

The Fundraiser

So how do you get a shirt? I’m glad you asked! You can purchase a Warrior T-shirt (or two or three) through our page on Bonfire. Our adoption fundraiser will run from January 3rd until January 23rd. At the end of the three weeks, all the shirts will be printed and shipped out directly from Bonfire.

Support Us

smiling girl with hands on hips in warrior t-shirtIf you have connected with us in any way through my sharing our story, I hope you’ll consider supporting us, whether that’s through prayer, helpful advice, or purchasing a shirt. If you purchase a Warrior T-shirt, I hope you’ll rock your shirt, snap a picture, and tag #TeamPetersonBaby so we can thank you personally for your support.
If graphic shirts aren’t your thing, but you still want to help, we will have an option to donate a little later in the process (we need to finish our home study first).

Psalms 33:16-18 says “No king is saved by the size of his army; no warrior escapes by his great strength…But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love.” This verse reminds us that even as warriors, we can’t do anything alone. We are dependent on the Lord in all things, and He will come to our aid when we put our hope in Him.

My hope is that this shirt can be worn by anyone to honor whatever it is that makes them a warrior. And I hope it serves as a reminder that, even though we are strong, we can’t get through this life by our own strength. We need to support each other and we need to put our hope in our Heavenly Father.

In vibrant health,

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2 thoughts on “Support our Adoption | Help Us Bring Baby Peterson Home

  1. Mike Sherstad

    My wife Dana and I want to support you and your husband, financially, in your endeavor! We are Caleb Sherstad’s parents and he pointed this out to us. We don’t need t-shirts, though that is a cool idea. We would just like to contribute. I was adopted myself and appreciate anyone even considering adoption.
    Before we donate though, I want to share with you hope for having a natural birth. There is good news of God about young couples like yourself, and some older ones, seeing God heal their wombs and start having babies, lots of them! There is a ministry just a couple of hours away from you called “Be in Health” which has been dealing with infertility and miscarriages in couples and seeing the Lord heal them. I highly recommend checking it out. They are not “faith healers” they teach from the Bible and have found there are spiritual roots to miscarriages that can be easily overcome. My wife had a really bad case of Multiple Sclerosis and the Lord healed her, thanks in part to the teaching we received at Be In Health. I had sleep apnea and the Lord healed that, too! Our daughter was dyslexic and the Lord healed that, too. We have seen so much healing in our family and friends, it is amazing. In short, most of the time the diseases and problems that are healed stem from some way we are acting or thinking that is not in line with God’s thoughts. For instance, my wife had a self bitterness issue, she felt guilty for something that she didn’t do when she was a child. Satan used that guilt to make her think she is a bad person. When she confessed that to the Lord and asked His forgiveness for her self guilt and self hatred, her MS went away! The Lord completely healed her. At Be In Health, they have a week long conference in Thomaston GA called For My Life. They teach about sin and how to identify it, for a week, and it is amazing. They are the kindest, caring people, who teach in non-judgmental ways, my wife loved it. I just went a couple of months ago and loved it, too. Here is a quirky testimonial from Be in Health: and there are a bunch of videos on youtube of their conferences if you want to see what they are about.
    I would love to share more, if you or your husband want to talk, or email. Just trying not share without overwhelming you. 🙂 There is hope, there really is! Be in health’s website:

    Ok, so back to giving: If you want to pursue a week at Be In Health, I am happy to pay the fee for it, for you. I think it is $350. I believe in it that much (well, I believe in the Lord that much, Be In Health just teaches what the Lord says and backs it up with science and medical journals.) If you choose not to go, we will give to your adoption fund. How is that?
    One more note, if you choose to adopt, even after having kids of your own, there is a ministry up here in the NW that funds adoptions for couples like you. It is called Antioch Adoptions, it was started by a church we attended, and Caleb attended, for about 15 years. They don’t charge adoption fees
    Lastly, as an adopted person that was raised in a great home with natural born siblings (not adopted), I have a perspective on generational iniquity that is unique, and would love to share if you are interested. It is not being taught to parents adopting kids, and I think it needs to be. In short, if you adopt a baby, even a new born, it is going to come with the sins of the parents (generational iniquity) that birthed it. Parents just need to know that and how to identify it, as they may not understand why their new child acts so differently than you did, or your husband. Happy to share if interested.

    I hope this is all encouraging to you! If you think we are weird, that is ok, you might be right. I just had to share because hope in the Lord is so exciting.
    -in Christ, Mike and Dana Sherstad

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